How to Cure Writer’s Block

I’ll admit, I’m not a huge fan of “how to” articles. They tend to be repetitive, and more often than not, I leave still feeling like my problem is unsolved. That being said, I hope this how to will actually give you a tool to help you when you just can’t write another word…

Yesterday, I sat down and began the manuscript of my first book! I was so full of excitement and passion, and effortlessly composed the first 1500 words. I felt on top of the world. “This is easy,” yesterday me decided. “I can’t believe anyone struggles to write a book.”

Then I sat at my computer today and started writing again.

Except…I couldn’t write anything.

I couldn’t think of a single word to type.

The blinking cursor slowly mocked me and my inability to pick right back up where I left off yesterday.

I started scanning the Internet for advice, desperately wondering how I could get writer’s block on DAY FREAKING TWO of writing a book. The typical “walk away from the book, go do something you enjoy, come back to it later,” methods weren’t working for me. So I tried something a little crazy.

I turned off the monitor.

Now, I wasn’t staring at white, blank space. I wasn’t intimidated by everything I wrote yesterday, or thinking about that awkward paragraph that I couldn’t quite figure out how to make perfect. Just a blank monitor, Word document open, and my hands on the keyboard.

I started typing. First, just a stream of consciousness, writing down the words that were immediately coming to mind. My thoughts started to drift, to what I wanted for lunch today, whether my fiance and I were going to go out dancing for date night or not, how happy I was that I made it to the gym five days this week…anything that crossed my mind was transferred to the page. 25 minutes later, I turned the monitor back on and read through what I typed.

Most of what I wrote was total crap that should never make it into my book.

But a few sentences sparked an idea, that bloomed into a scene, and became my next chapter. I was shocked! Score for the writer! Take that, writer’s block!

No matter how much we may feel that our creativity lacks, or our story is flat, we have to remember that we do have something to say. Turn the monitor off, and type!


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